Our Story


Varda Haimo started Bread Obsession in her kitchen in 2013, after a six-year self-taught apprenticeship with unlimited help and inspiration from professional and home bakers.   Seeking a wider range of customers who would appreciate the full range of her breads, she expanded the business, bringing in business partner Joan Forman – a fellow bread enthusiast and baker –  and setting up shop in a commercial kitchen in Waltham Massachusetts.   Now staffed with additional bakers and support personnel, we sell bread to stores, restaurants, and farm shares in ten towns, and directly to customers at local farmers market. 


We are deeply committed to crafting bread that will not only fulfill the need for this daily staple but will also bring pleasure and satisfaction.  People have been making bread for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the focus on convenience and the onslaught of marketing propaganda has convinced people to sacrifice flavor, quality, beauty, and healthfulness.   We at Bread Obsession aim to do our part to reverse these regrettable trends by making nutritious, beautiful, delicious breads by hand, one loaf at a time.

What goes into our bread?


Traditional time-intensive methods that enhance flavor and healthfulness


Excellent ingredients and nothing extra, like preservatives, stabilizers, etc.


The bakers' knowledge, skills, integrity, and imagination


Each hand-shaped loaf is unique and beautiful